Kitchen Storage Shelf



Multifunctional Wall rock.

High capacity for seasoning, cooking oil, cutting board, spices, pot shovel, dishcloth.

Easy to use.

Kitchen Utensils Are readily available.

No need to move within reach.

50K load-bearing stable without falling.

Details about the product.

1- 15 cm Widened Table

2-Slot Tool Position For large and Small Knives

3-Double Row Movable Hook

4-Double Hollow Chopstick Cage

Q: Is this shelf easy to disassemble? Will it fall easily?

1. This shelf is designed with wave pattern. It increases the friction with the wall. It will not fall.
2. It is very easy to disassemble. It can be disassembled with a clear glue. And it will not damage the wall.

Q:Which walls are suitable for the shelf?

1.Suitable for ceramic tile wall, marble wall, metal wall, frosted glass wall, waterproof paste wall
2.Not suitable for painted walls. Cement wall. Plaster wall. Wallpaper wall.

Q:How long can it be used?

It can be used for at least 5 years.

Packing list

1*kitchen shelf+1 package*punch accessories

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